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The selection rate was 8.75 percent, with an average selectee overall score of 680.90.Selectees' average time-in-grade was 4.34 years and time-in-service was 18.79 years.In particular, Ashley, who is our agent has gone above and beyond her duties to make sure we had every question answered and every single step covered, she has been terrific!When they say they are available 25 hours a day and 8 days a week, they really do mean it.

I have nothing but great things to say about working with Manausa Real Estate, specifically the Buyer team.From Alex to boy Kevin and boy Jordan, there has been someone there, day and night, weekday and weekend...hell, even holidays..I am getting at is, anything that you need they will provide.Though our process isn't over I am fully confident that every bit of the quality of service that we have received thus far will still be provided.One thing at Joe Manausa Realty they try to make sure you understand is that they are not doing this to get rich, they are truly there to help even seasoned home buyers along the way.If there was ever a time that our schedules didn't match up, Girl Jordan made sure one of her co-workers was there to help us.

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